Everyone trying to emphasize something or the other

Arguing over, neither this is right not that

Compartmentalized knowledge and some traditional views

We accept that change is inevitable, yet hold on to the same

There is dichotomy, a choice between practicality and banality

Sometimes overruling traditions to override digressions

Then the liberal mind takes over and leads to self-destruction

Liberated- a meaning being twisted with multitude of nonsense

Constant struggle between education and knowledge

A difference between the two and none wants to explore the space

Life travels through convoluted passages, always a struggle

Cultivated woes take time to ripe and but create a fallow life

Introspection scares away the surface travelers

Wisdom proclaims many ways of improving life and fate

But common consciousness is busy fulminating about the failures

Ingrained by the undeveloped and crass theories those are ubiquitous

It takes courage to be on the right path when solitude is a companion©

9 thoughts on “Emphasis

    1. Thank you so much.

      That’s very well put by you. One cannot be submissive to the coercive voices and also aspire to seek change. It will be an eternal struggle to get away from the cycle of struggle.

      Wisdom and the philosophies of life are scoffed at and it becomes a challenge to reason with closed minds.

      It always a pleasure interacting with you and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

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