Sneaky fellows flounder but find ways to creep into other’s world for a preview
Artful dodgers trying to gather support from the ones who harbor similar passion
Honest ways require years of dedication and sometimes even noble gestures overlooked
World mesmerized with fanatical ideas to collect success without crumbs of emotions
Detached from reality and acting as self-proclaimed profligates of extravagant dreams
Emotional promiscuity does not allow the soul to engage with real passion in life
Fabrications create a world of manipulations to wean away minds from logical thoughts
Words are never truthful but small-talk is given credence with doses of expletives
Weakness is not expressed with a word but by the actions of minions who compromise
Splendid are the exchanges that are interspersed with supercilious attitude to others
Flirting with life and trying to disrupt the world created by the eternal intellectual©

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