Noise is inessential, for it’s a hindrance to creativity and creative souls
A mind has enough to ponder on the surprises of unknown world 
With anonymity, through the tunnel of silence the soul journeys
A desire to seek, when curiosity is not enough to satiate the mind
Everything becomes inconsequential; worldly experiences and diversions
It’s a challenge to emerge unscathed from the myriad distractions
Vociferous crowd urging the solitary one to join the dull stream of life
Personalities clash over ego; such ubiquitous incidents drain the energy
Talkative, and in earnest trying to echo the clichés that are being taught
Information is more of a deception to subdue the mind with imprudent thoughts
Turning away from cacophony and free the mind from invisible shackles
To meditate on the course of creativity is a lifelong commitment to the journey
Away from unnecessary competitions, challenges, and rivalries
Creative jealousies are a reality and singes the soul before meaningful contributions
Obsequious minds will try to wean away the spirit of a self motivated traveler
Choose the essential and a path of integrity to focus on creativity
Humility and gratitude to the inspiring universe, contribute with eternal words©

11 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Escaping the mundane is a state of focus that you must train your brain to uphold and dignify every single day. Creativity demands solitude and the correct information. Nice poem.

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