Morning Tale

Soul leans towards the morning embrace

A haven becomes a reality, divine plan of light

Golden roofs reflect scintillating aura of life

Heart’s door is open to welcome cosmic blessings

Boughs nod in appreciation at this wondrous display

There is a glint in the eyes that inspires dreams

Bridging the gap between paradise and cosmic world

Gardens blossom, a gift of tranquil aroma

Darkness slips through to rest for a while

Birdsongs regale the euphoric moments of morn

Glossy faces transform the image of life

Moment of nirvana awaken the eternal souls 

A morning tale becomes a glorious narration©


9 thoughts on “Morning Tale

  1. Absolutely fantastic! Would have love that for me.. I wish my morning had been less hectic with no panic and anxiety, all work-related though so not life threatening 😄. Now, my morning is almost over and all I want is sleep. 😊

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