Weak theories exaggeratedly postulated for consideration

Blemished already by the underlying ignoble intentions

Hordes of minds join the frenzy to aggrandize the stupidity

Life is transforming into clinical definitions by witless ones

Easy to garner support by the misleading grandiose plans 

Revealed in parts and deliberate obfuscation of the entire idea

Words and definitions are twisted to design crass suggestions

Running around the premises of failures and there’s no hope

Having amplified more than intended, as patience runs thin

Diminishing intellects are holding on to destructive thoughts

Turmoil and irrational conjectures trigger antagonistic dreams

Losing every day, but losers assume to be gaining ground

Such false beliefs are the foundation of an untamed territory

Scripting the repulsive adventures does not bother the imbeciles

Wisdom will not fail though and Universe will carve out a path

There is resilience in silence and spirit of the eternal life will prevail©