True Essence of Life

The Silence is communicating with Life. Surrounded by absolute stillness, the body is absorbed by it. Graceful surrender of life! Life is fluid and flows into an unknown state of existence. It experiences tranquility and eases into a rhythm of the secret dimension of Universe. With every subtle movement, life changes course and tributaries of consciousness flow towards it. The purity and clarity attract the … Continue reading True Essence of Life

Poet’s Experience

The poetic journey is cathartic The strong emotions Concerns and genuine passions For life to evolve from struggles Mind does seek the answers Plausible debates with Universe It’s a philosophical strife Trying to unravel the truth of existence It’s a rebellion with thought Poetry is expansive imagery After drawing inspiration from debates In the process of self-realization Contemplation and introspection Spirit deserves the eternal knowledge … Continue reading Poet’s Experience

Modern Significance

The striking firmness of streets cuts across menacingly Designed to scamper through the fate of life and join the mainstream chaos Blocks arise from the depths of unknown foundations, creating an identity Sometimes named, otherwise given a special numerical and alphabetical symbols Streets are built to suffer from the daily trampling by numerous feet and automobiles Life that is also planned according to the level … Continue reading Modern Significance