Poet’s Experience

The poetic journey is cathartic

The strong emotions

Concerns and genuine passions

For life to evolve from struggles

Mind does seek the answers

Plausible debates with Universe

It’s a philosophical strife

Trying to unravel the truth of existence

It’s a rebellion with thought

Poetry is expansive imagery

After drawing inspiration from debates

In the process of self-realization

Contemplation and introspection

Spirit deserves the eternal knowledge

Dimension of the soul is to be awakened

Prophetic moments in solitude

Omniscient voice speaks to the poet

A cosmic balm in the guise of truth

Only way to tame a rebellious heart

Intense clarity scares general consciousness

A poet’s fate to deal with suspicion

Sarcasm, derision, outright insult of words

Philosophy faces scant acceptance

It’s a journey to illuminate the intellect

To look beyond the realm of worldly 

There’s euphoria in poetic journey

A poet’s journey continues©

5 thoughts on “Poet’s Experience

  1. What are the rules of poetry? Who is ever truly correct when explaining/ describing poets or poetry? If we don’t speak from our hears, where then shall we write? Your poetry is beautiful! Dare to be different, self, you bet! I am honored to have discovered your words.

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  2. Abraham Maslow drew the pyramid of needs & said , ” Self actualization” is the last need of a human being. I think poets are often at this level of the pyramid , though world may compel them periodically to fall off the pyramid . They get up and climb back to the top of the pyramid , a quest for self knowledge …..Beautifully captured in this poem !

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    1. I quite like the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs reference here. Well, I would say creativity and writers create their own world and psychological needs which are indeed challenged and seen with suspicion, when society feels they are going off in a different tangent of life. 🙂

      This eternal journey is insatiable and the psychological and philosophical explorations are a journey worth considering.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

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