12 thoughts on “Self-Realization

    1. It does, Anne.

      But not many are willing to do this as they are afraid of confronting the self and listen to the inner voice.

      Sometimes, the voice can be quite blunt, but it’s worth living on that path because living in comparisons and imitating everyone else can drain life of the energy.

      Choose the path that is right for the self as we are all unique.

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      1. True. I think it’s the insecurity that springs from the feeling of inadequacy. Being like others gives us an excuse, I suppose. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t hurt the ego so much because it’s not really ‘self’ but a copy. It’s hard work but yes, I know, truly rewarding.

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      2. Absolutely. You have told the truth. Most of the behavioral traits, choices we make and how we perceive life is a learnt , based on the community, culture, and society. Apart from that, the sentiments that are propagated through media is well absorbed by mass consciousness.

        There are definitions of success which are scripted and failures are painted with miserable details. So, there is enough pressure right from the childhood to be a success. But that’s success if you wish to conform. Taught to say yes and just follow.

        Lot of psychological problems and mental health concerns also arise from undue pressure and expectations and also not getting enough support from the family and society.

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      3. I was chatting with 2 ladies at work and 1 said that there is definitely a correlation between mental health and conformity. Those who conform appear normal but possibly stressed and unhappy while those who are authentic and true to themselves are thought to be mentally unstable because they are different.
        Thus, in the same token, I think there’s nothing wrong with not knowing what we want even when we’re supposed to. We just want to be sure it’s true and not as dictated by media or society, no peer pressure. I succumb to that…
        Sadly. I am forever like a swinging pendulum because I am a restless spirit that is very much “active” in the so-called normal society.


      4. Interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing this conversation. The idea of what is ‘normal’ or perceived to be normal can be debated.
        I feel something that stresses the mind and triggers mental and physical anxiety is definitely something to be pondered upon.

        Sometimes, life’s challenges and choices made and added responsibilities binds a person for life.

        When such a scenario is the truth and with career and ambition and to provide meals for the family is a reality, one can also counter my argument to be too idealistic and Utopian.

        But, I find the idea of not participating or accepting what society demands or has to offer, knowing they are based on erroneous ideas is my choice, only if I have the luxury of doing so.

        So, coming back to the idea of self-realization, I feel, an individual can counter the urge and pull from society and also deny to live according to expectations in society that is propagated.

        When we can concentrate on only the needs and be satisfied with that, I guess we can reach a balance and a sense of contentment.

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      5. You have hit the nail on its head. You have a clear understanding of what goes on in my head that sends me to a semi-depression every now and then. The pretense / pressure cannot be sustained for a long period. I’m working on it. Like you said, self-realization… Then I have to work on the self-acceptance. It is my pleasure to have this conversation. Thank you for allowing me the venue to go further with your thought/idea. It helps with the process of growth and self-rediscovery to authenticity. I hope your Sunday has been a good day.

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      6. Oh no, I hope my words were not too straightforward, as I do not want to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

        It’s just that with my observations of society and humanity’s history and also the fact that I seek to comprehend the philosophical and psychological aspects of life, my narrations and comments may sound so.

        My observations are more about the macro society and what happens across the globe.

        But philosophy requires me to deal with some unsettling thoughts and ideas. That does not make me right all the time but I try to be as balanced in my views as I can possibly be.

        My Sunday has been good so far. How’s your day turning out to be?

        It was wonderful talking to you, Anne. My best wishes for you.

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      7. Oh no, don’t worry. I’m fully aware of my journey and I don’t believe in sugar-coating words except in poetry and fiction. 😊
        I do want to understand people as I walk the road to enlightenment. I am a perfect example of that person who wants to be significant and unique but wants to be accepted and to belong as well.
        I love discussions such as this.
        I’m glad to hear your Sunday has been good so far. As expected and planned, I have just been relaxing. I have an afternoon left of this weekend and must get a bit active in preparation for another week, so my system doesn’t get a shock 😄
        Have a splendid afternoon/evening. Always great talking to you, Amitav. Take care. 😊

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      8. Thank you so much, Anne.

        You are right, sugar-coating does not help and thank you for having this conversation. Yes, road to enlightenment comes with understanding people and situations along the journey.

        Always a pleasure taking to you. 🙂 You too have a wonderful rest of Sunday and wish you a fantastic week that waits.

        Take care, Anne. 🙂

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