True Essence of Life

The Silence is communicating with Life. Surrounded by absolute stillness, the body is absorbed by it. Graceful surrender of life!

Life is fluid and flows into an unknown state of existence. It experiences tranquility and eases into a rhythm of the secret dimension of Universe.

With every subtle movement, life changes course and tributaries of consciousness flow towards it. The purity and clarity attract the Universe’s aura to blend with Life.

Endlessly it flows; without any hindrance and indecisiveness. Here, the concept of Time fades and Space expands with consciousness.

Life permeates the undiscovered worlds and the Soul of galaxies welcomes the spiritual traveler. It is pure existence, where their origin is from the eternal. Continuity is an experience which awakens the core of life.

The existence of Silence is profound. Stillness vanquishes every unnecessary movement and thought to saves Life from inevitable destruction. Life changes course and thus, comprehends the guidance of stillness and silence.

Mind realizes the meaning of ‘nothingness’, to move into a phase of realization where only the Soul decides the fate of Life; far away from an unnatural kismet that potentially disintegrates the mind.

A new realization prepares the mind to interpret the directions provided by the eternal dimension of existence. It elevates the consciousness to experience life in the purest form.

The Elements and Senses are awakened and can absorb the energy to continue the journey through eternity.

A resident of the Earth remains oblivious to its consciousness and leads to constant contradictions. Life rarely gets a chance to experience the deeper relation of existence with the entire ecosystem of consciousness.

It is easy to get distracted by superficial perceptions due to the honest effort to obfuscate the beauty of Life. Existence is caught between the mesh of false realities. The repetitive nature of our actions restricts consciousness from realizing the true essence of Life.

In a semi-conscious state, the mind cannot function to its full potential; our purpose is forgotten in the labyrinth of misdirected journey.

It’s a deliberate attempt to interrupt ‘silence’ and ‘stillness’, and keep them trapped in busyness. True knowledge remains elusive.

Every Life has the potential to acquire true knowledge, but the heavily diluted atmosphere injects doses of an alternate reality to limit the possibilities.

46 thoughts on “True Essence of Life

  1. To find yourself in between phases is truly a transcendent experience and you’e explained it so eloquently, in words utterly simple yet powerful. Been a while since I made time to visit wordpress and I am glad when I did, your post was sitting right within reach πŸ™‚

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  2. It is true, in day-to-day existence, one rarely experiences life. Yes, being busy and the sort, but no meaning, no connection, no sight of where it is taking us.

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      1. I think you’d be correct in that assessment. As far as I am concerned the statement is true. I’ve gone so far as to realize one can interact with it, either drawing it to us or repelling it away from us.

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      2. Yes, that’s true, but too heave an influence and the actions of such nature randomly is wearing away life and causing the minds to deviate from the core values of life. Of course, Universe is aware, so patience is the key, before life becomes what it should be, again.

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      3. What would you suggest then, to ignore the ebb and flow and to not interact, or realized that interaction is necessary to get on top of the issue? Isn’t that why the universe brings this to our attention, to know and to overcome?

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      4. For us to overcome, we have to align with the Universe, because wee need to seek the answers/remedies. We need directions and ways to, first, take corrective measures and then pass on the same knowledge for life can flow with ease.
        The key is to survive the ebb and flow by realizing our true potential and gain fresh perspective to survive the difficult journey. All phases are necessary for learning and we are put to test so we can identify ourselves in a new way.

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      5. Friend, I could not agree more. Every fork in the road is a chance to align with the Universe and take that step. Each decision is then made an act of overcoming. Life continues from strength to strength.

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      6. Yes, we have the resilience, the soul’s desire to make life beautiful. Decisions will be taken and provided as well, when we listen keenly. But most importantly integrity and self-belief is the key.

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      7. Integrity true, but personally, even though I trust myself, I don’t exercise self-belief. I ping the Universe for answers constantly, and its Chief Architect speaks back within my soul. This has become the basis of my decisions and the resultant miracles unfold increasingly more every day.

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      8. That’s true, but some of the answers are also within us. Remember, the soul is the key; it’s opening up another dimension with most of the answers, but since change happens as we speak, we do need to connect with the Universe, as you mentioned, for updated signs and directions.

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      9. Oh yeah, the answers are within us and the Universe is also within us. There need not be any communication outside ourselves. We can fully communicate with everything outside ourselves by the answers within us. It is not divided. It is fully one thing.

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  3. I got an idea from you. It’s reblogging. I just want to save this awesome post for myself, especially, as I can read it anytime when I need it and it’s from my blog. Can I reblog it.

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  4. Very nice post and words are awesome just like the Poetry. Now, the concept of nothingness is clear to me. What a simple way you defined it.

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      1. Yeah, definitely, the entire matter you explained so simple way that anyone can understand this big theory of true essence.

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