Realizing the Harmony

Realizing the harmony and pondering on the cadence

It’s a relief from the agony and plethora of conflicting voices

Tired words try to escape the overburdened brain

There are constant exchanges of indecisive feelings

When speech becomes jarring sounds and torments the tongue

Soul wishes to plunge into the depth of nothingness

Away from the invited unpleasantness due to uninformed choices

A world filled with delirium submerges the consciousness

Futile effort to find a way to stay afloat in the commotion

 Exhausted dreams become unwanted visitors

One does seek that space to nurse the painful bruises of the mind

Even before the body finds balance, the heart is abused

There is a trickle of yearning still wanting to permeate the subliminal

Waiting to deal with the disharmony and conflicts

Heal the world and do not escape the joyous feeling of eternal harmony

Life born for a purpose and there is consciousness to guide

Realizing the harmony while being cradled with love and hope©

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