Turn away the vision from negative and exhausting thoughts Do not lose the pristine sparkle that can enlighten a soul An ingenuous heart feels for life and carries a positive message Live in the ecstasy of blissful simplicity to motivate life It is not an achievement to carry the insolent feelings with pride Better learning of life and experiences comes from introspection Develop the eternal … Continue reading Vision


The brain becomes arrogant and foolish when it is time to unlearn When morality becomes the emphasized premise for mortality Undeserving and unnerving thoughts are embraced traditionally Collective uproar and turmoil spill over to threaten common sense Daily dose of potent baloney is injected into the psyche every day Illogical conjectures are the brainchild of the philosophically deprived Manipulations by empty assurances and symbolism are ubiquitous … Continue reading Contemplation