The Choices

There are numerous instances of unkindly thrusts on life Genteel sentiments are pushed aside to allow raging desires Philosophy of more expectations without pleasure of patience Tempers soar with the ambition to devour the voices of sanity Choices resemble colonies of termites, waiting to damage consciousness It’s an odd predicament of fossilized minds and deep-rooted prejudices Inadvertent indulgences give birth to unwanted theories of existence Camouflaged feelings with … Continue reading The Choices


Oblivious captives of the mind, an irony of life unfolds Words are spoken without care, sheathed in unconscious incisiveness Directions of life go haywire and precariously balanced on edges There’s not enough pure love to nourish the ailing intellects Picking up the strewn crumbs of knowledge and feeding the mind Immature revolts are repulsive as they expose the grotesque thoughts An idea of success is being … Continue reading Oblivious

Pensive Moments

Yesteryear songs interspersed with nostalgic feelings are here Pleadingly wait at the heart’s door that has become feeble with time Once, the moments want to rush in, but the enthusiasm is solemn Retrospective moments may unsettle the present day’s tranquility Evoking the feelings that had decided to hibernate till death arrived Forging a new liaison, as there are walls of the heart bearing ciphers Never were … Continue reading Pensive Moments