Oblivious captives of the mind, an irony of life unfolds

Words are spoken without care, sheathed in unconscious incisiveness

Directions of life go haywire and precariously balanced on edges

There’s not enough pure love to nourish the ailing intellects

Picking up the strewn crumbs of knowledge and feeding the mind

Immature revolts are repulsive as they expose the grotesque thoughts

An idea of success is being manufactured and sold to gullible minds

In the company of divisive ideologies, the levels of ignorance are amplified

Ensures the steep rise of conniving individuals who surrenders conditionally

Abused by the plethora of shallow ideas to appear glib and saleable

It’s the business of existence within the premises of compromises

Every step taken is a contract with the minds that are adept opportunists©

5 thoughts on “Oblivious

      1. I guess times are such, that serious introspection is the need of the hour. Because, humanity successfully manages to invent problems and confusions and become victims of the same.

        It’s unsettling as a writer to highlight the social issues, but one must.

        Yep, the week was good. Hope you had a good week too. And here’s another weekend. By the way, wishing you a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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