Pensive Moments

Yesteryear songs interspersed with nostalgic feelings are here

Pleadingly wait at the heart’s door that has become feeble with time

Once, the moments want to rush in, but the enthusiasm is solemn

Retrospective moments may unsettle the present day’s tranquility

Evoking the feelings that had decided to hibernate till death arrived

Forging a new liaison, as there are walls of the heart bearing ciphers

Never were they deciphered due to the busyness of life and distractions

The definition of success and failure reveals the unknown facets of heart

Dried roses have a dishevelled look and petals will lose identity 

Only thorns will be reminders, and here, the feeble door is in a dilemma

Ears are anxious and tempted to hear the songs one more time

Open the door convincingly and willingly sacrifice the present 

Few moments into reminiscing the moments vividly, before retiring©

7 thoughts on “Pensive Moments

    1. I am asked this question quite often about use of vocabulary in writing.

      It depends on how much involved and passionate one is about literature. And it’s not about words, it the entire process of expressing the feelings with honesty.

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