The Choices

There are numerous instances of unkindly thrusts on life

Genteel sentiments are pushed aside to allow raging desires

Philosophy of more expectations without pleasure of patience

Tempers soar with the ambition to devour the voices of sanity

Choices resemble colonies of termites, waiting to damage consciousness

It’s an odd predicament of fossilized minds and deep-rooted prejudices

Inadvertent indulgences give birth to unwanted theories of existence

Camouflaged feelings with sinister intentions will be exposed 

Common sense evaporated during prolonged periods of drought 

Mild concoction of life did not satiate the crowd of avaricious ones

Drink, drink, and drink from the adulterated potion to intoxicate mind

Subtle taste of life is there for the ones who wish seek with simplicity

Mild elixir of life will provide the strength to awaken eternity©

One thought on “The Choices

  1. Decisions are either toxic or an antidote, indeed. We must choose what we’re going to do, and who with very wisely. Risks are needed to succeed, but the avaricious are yoked by the devil’s stead.

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