Poet’s Experience

The poetic journey is cathartic The strong emotions Concerns and genuine passions For life to evolve from struggles Mind does seek the answers Plausible debates with Universe It’s a philosophical strife Trying to unravel the truth of existence It’s a rebellion with thought Poetry is expansive imagery After drawing inspiration from debates In the process of self-realization Contemplation and introspection Spirit deserves the eternal knowledge … Continue reading Poet’s Experience

Modern Significance

The striking firmness of streets cuts across menacingly Designed to scamper through the fate of life and join the mainstream chaos Blocks arise from the depths of unknown foundations, creating an identity Sometimes named, otherwise given a special numerical and alphabetical symbols Streets are built to suffer from the daily trampling by numerous feet and automobiles Life that is also planned according to the level … Continue reading Modern Significance


Weak theories exaggeratedly postulated for consideration Blemished already by the underlying ignoble intentions Hordes of minds join the frenzy to aggrandize the stupidity Life is transforming into clinical definitions by witless ones Easy to garner support by the misleading grandiose plans  Revealed in parts and deliberate obfuscation of the entire idea Words and definitions are twisted to design crass suggestions Running around the premises of failures and there’s … Continue reading Circumstances

Morning Tale

Soul leans towards the morning embrace A haven becomes a reality, divine plan of light Golden roofs reflect scintillating aura of life Heart’s door is open to welcome cosmic blessings Boughs nod in appreciation at this wondrous display There is a glint in the eyes that inspires dreams Bridging the gap between paradise and cosmic world Gardens blossom, a gift of tranquil aroma Darkness slips through … Continue reading Morning Tale


Noise is inessential, for it’s a hindrance to creativity and creative souls A mind has enough to ponder on the surprises of unknown world  With anonymity, through the tunnel of silence the soul journeys A desire to seek, when curiosity is not enough to satiate the mind Everything becomes inconsequential; worldly experiences and diversions It’s a challenge to emerge unscathed from the myriad distractions Vociferous … Continue reading Creativity


Empower the words to tackle darkness Not to alienate the tranquil phase from life Inspire the interplay of Luminescence and  tenebrous moments Seek balance with your consciousness Allow the mind to awaken Realize the oscillating moments of existence Feel the pulse of life with prudence Do not simply fill blank spaces Let there be meaningful contribution Familiarize with the sensibilities of senses It’s easy to … Continue reading Empower


Sneaky fellows flounder but find ways to creep into other’s world for a preview Artful dodgers trying to gather support from the ones who harbor similar passion Honest ways require years of dedication and sometimes even noble gestures overlooked World mesmerized with fanatical ideas to collect success without crumbs of emotions Detached from reality and acting as self-proclaimed profligates of extravagant dreams Emotional promiscuity does not allow the … Continue reading Evasive


Everyone trying to emphasize something or the other Arguing over, neither this is right not that Compartmentalized knowledge and some traditional views We accept that change is inevitable, yet hold on to the same There is dichotomy, a choice between practicality and banality Sometimes overruling traditions to override digressions Then the liberal mind takes over and leads to self-destruction Liberated- a meaning being twisted with multitude of … Continue reading Emphasis

Day’s Reaction

How do you expect the days to react when tormented? Existence is being explained but turns out to be a harangue A harassed day with multitude of indiscretions shakes rickety foundations Rudimentary thoughts have not yet been intellectually influenced More fears and implicit criticisms of life run through a day vigorously Partially restrained days bear a pallid character of weakening philosophies There are places, yet life … Continue reading Day’s Reaction

Paths and Deviations

The untended feelings of the heart often threaten paradise Wilting flowers just being a bud will not be allowed to bloom Colors will fade away for being in the darkness for too long What good is a flower if it cannot share the aromatic soul? Fate of a heart becomes taciturn and life becomes spiritless Holding on to the platitudes, for conformity is the choice Wrongful and … Continue reading Paths and Deviations