While planning a future, the present is neglected. The future cannot be evaluated in certain drawn out boundaries. It’s a fact, we try to plan or design a future, but uncertainty is undeniable. The conflict is between the perceived certainty and the ambivalence due to unforeseen events.  We have to reach an understanding between the brain and mind, which communicates, but also contradicts. 


17 thoughts on “Planning

  1. Great post as always, your posts always make me stop and think a while. This one made me think of the work I’m doing on my self at the moment, that self will walk into the future so in a way I can plan for a better future as it starts now.

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    1. Thank you so much.

      As a writer I try to present the perspectives which are there but not usually discussed.

      To identify the significance of the journey and the challenges meticulously is one of the most important step and then removing them after lot of introspection can make the journey ahead smooth. Life is such that we are always presented with new twists and turns and have to be prepared for the unforeseen circumstances.

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      1. Yes, that’s the mantra. We can reach that phase of concentration and assurance from life when we align the mind with the conscious nature. We can negate the distractions and propagandist culture which leads us to a existence in denial.

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  2. The present is lost in planning the future , when the future becomes present ,again the obscure dose of planning takes away an enriching present ..and the vicious cycle goes on n on till we realize how to cling on to the ‘ now is the time’ . And I think a sense of equanimity knocking out those anxieties of planning ..helps to live in a contented present. Lovely post Amitav. Love.

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    1. Very eloquently stated. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they carry a a thought further.

      Yes, we have segregated life, sometimes not to our best intentions. Also, as much our consciousness blossomed amidst the myriad distractions, we can do as much. So, time is ripe, we delve deeper and look for answers within and embrace the universe’s plan, rather than defy nature of life.

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  3. I often wonder if we spent more time in the present than worrying about the future, how our future would actually be different. Yes it’s important to have goals and aspirations -but the anxiety and dwelling on “what ifs” or “maybes” can often lead to dead ends anyways, and that energy may be better spent in the here and now. Thanks for sharing Amitav!

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    1. The ‘if’ is quite a nagging character. It looks insignificant but can create a huge chasm between reality and perception.

      We dwell and reminisce, dissect life in retrospect or prematurely. Our brain has been conditioned in such a way that we cannot extricate ourselves from the lure of a simple but dangerous ‘if’. The vagueness and status-quo provide room for enough maneuvering as seen fit.

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