The Flame

Undistinguished flame is purer than the exaggeratedly dancing photons

Its aura has warmth and embraces the entire existence of a soul

A rhythmic sway to match with a subtle flirtatiousness of the wind 

Beauty does not lose charm and enlightens the eyes to realize aesthetics

Patterns of life with the intricate designs and motifs are masterpieces

The canvas is tantalizing to the intellect which inspires works of creativity

Patience and honest labour seek the companionship of a trusted flame

As a soul exudes passion for translating the feelings and pure ideas 

A soul toils relentlessly to breathe life into the dreams and experiences

Every day there is a creative temper that takes the forms of a storm

The maelstrom takes away the soul to wander the unexplored worlds

Same subtle flame flares up to illuminate the unknown labyrinths©

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