Differences can cause havoc when the individual loses all sense of integrity. When there is no communication with the mind and heart, a life can go astray. It is significantly noticed that narratives of ‘differences’ are deceptively played out and paced at intervals of life when the mind is most likely to absorb them entirely.

Passive minds favor platitudes and almost always give into the ploy of ‘divisiveness’. Illicit power thrives on these differences and in the process an individual break away from the interconnected consciousness. It isolates the mind and prevents it from acknowledging the philosophy of life.

Giving up the ability to question any malpractice emboldens the group of despotic minds to lure away as many into the complex network of submissive ideologies; also, in the process work towards furthering them with a sense of achievement. There comes a phase when minds become numb and accept anything that the fabricated realities present them with.

There is no more legitimate anger or criticism towards the ploy to propagate coercive ideas and allow subservient minds to conform throughout life. Servile consciousness prevails and becomes the most accepted way of life and the philosophies which question such attitude are branded, antagonistic.

It is evident that anger, arrogance, and criticism have lost significance as they have become adulterated and illogical. There are more defensive outbursts with sarcasm from insecure minds. Debates and communications are of the inferior type and mediocrity becomes the accepted norm that generates noise.

There should be an awakening where the mind becomes aware of such anomalies and take control of life to introduce fresh and bold perspectives to make life meaningful. Life is not about existing but experiencing the true meaning to enhance life.

This attitude will generate interest in young minds to consolidate life and not abuse the privilege that the universe provides. This is empowerment in the real sense and not just empty rhetorical with pompous posturing to mislead the minds that are waiting to join the mainstream life or are already part of it.

2 thoughts on “Differences

    1. Thank you so much. A message I wanted to deliver when times are not conducive and differences are creating an irrevocable rift .

      How we communicate with life decides the course of our journey. Mostly, there is busyness and the urgency to fill the mind with prevalent thoughts and way of life that is generally considered the norm. In that process, we alienate life and we stare at a chasm between ourselves and life. This vague posturing weakens the consciousness and we allow our minds to be filled with rhetorical philosophies. Life must be experienced, but with a conscious mind that can be fulfilling and empowering.


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