Narratives of Existence

Ah! These translated feelings that run through the verses

Narrating experiences and observations from the episodes

One does not reach the corridors of subtle consciousness in a day

It’s a devoted effort to comprehend life and the soulful feelings

There is an effort to distract with unfaithful narratives, diligently rehearsed

Keen senses penetrate the facades of meticulously scripted drama

Grand stages of life, where the spotlight is askew, highlighting the fabrications

It takes time to diagnose the pathological lies and eradicate the imposter syndrome

Monstrosity of such behavior affects the healthy relationship that once existed

Sweet complainants with ulterior motives of disparaging sanctity of life

Disguised evils are everywhere and pass through the weak filters of consciousness

Weakening the philtre of life, adulterated with toxic feelings and sinister ideas

Given a phase of consolidating life and empowering the mind to comprehend life

Distractions lure the herds of consciousness and create a social ruckus

Yet, the verses will be written and souls will identify the matrix of evil

This paradise deserves elevated intellect to embalm the purity of existence©