It’s Faith

When you place your faith in the stars

Travelling back in time to identify the world

Light that once was, is irrelevant there

Traveling towards the eyes to bridge distances

Every star has a story to narrate for clarity

Darker shade of the firmament for glowing tribute

One may try to move away from the Universe

But fate is interconnected with existence

It may be disquieting to think of retribution

When time is engulfed for seamless continuity

Pray that your actions are fairly given a verdict

Of all things deceitful won’t absolve life’s fate

Many distant travels wait, going back and forth

Fate is balanced in the pendulum moments

Eternity never stops and life will be put to test

Take a pledge neath the stars and be truthful

Universe’s heart is benevolent to honest ones

True faith is accepted in the hallowed world©

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