A Truth

It’s assuring, that only truth will survive Nothing mightier ever will threaten its existence Life is truth, and truth only explained in a mantra Truth is the armour and also a powerful talisman One who believes and walks that path with faith Will be bestowed with the light of eternity Since inception, there were many transgressions Truth survived through digressions Life may lose relevance but truth will … Continue reading A Truth

The Chaos

There may come a time when every particle embraces a different chaos Usurp consciousness that prevails, to inject a logical dose to cure this euphoria Placebos are ubiquitous and they cannot fool the ultra superior imbeciles Every step will be taken in the reverse to counter the degradation of perceptions Particles will be controlled and infused with a new wave of Universe’s rhythm As life loses … Continue reading The Chaos


Countenance of the Universe has a grim expression Wondering, if it was a fault to create a benevolent nature Faultless and mute whenever there have been indiscretions Patiently receiving the ghastly blows of immature bravado Conspiracies of the wayward minds write another destiny Planning a contrary course for the volatile thoughts to choose A reverie that has birthed a lifelong pandemonium Questionable ideologies have always breached consciousness … Continue reading Expression