The Chaos

There may come a time when every particle embraces a different chaos

Usurp consciousness that prevails, to inject a logical dose to cure this euphoria

Placebos are ubiquitous and they cannot fool the ultra superior imbeciles

Every step will be taken in the reverse to counter the degradation of perceptions

Particles will be controlled and infused with a new wave of Universe’s rhythm

As life loses its elasticity and cannot stretch the mind to a new level of awareness

New energy from the pulsating transverse waves will thwart any sinister challenges

Particles will be the building blocks to fortify life from unnecessary hysteria

New era will dawn when life will dance enthusiastically with new light of knowledge

Chaos conducted by the Universe’s consciousness will carry new plans for life©

3 thoughts on “The Chaos

    1. Thank you so much, Sayanti.

      It’s conceptually a different poem, which delves into the existence of thoughts and their characteristics, and the role of particles. The characteristic of chaos is always relevant and urges us to ponder.

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