Extravagant Moments

From the pages of eternity, an uprising of golden memory Without the filters, streams of extravagant light captivate the souls Embellishments of the day are overshadowed by divine radiance Feelings are inspired to walk among the realms of triumphant life Incantations of ancient hymns reverberate among spiritual awakening Celebrations of the world will be reflected in those eyes seeking magic Visions of the Universe will guide life to trace … Continue reading Extravagant Moments

For Clarity

Not everything can be spelled out for clarification The ineffable thoughts seem to coalesce with consciousness Only the silence in mind reverberates with ultimate clarity It’s possible! A silence has not been interpreted completely Minor jolts from the trespassing information awaken a mind Entire Universe conspires to invade and embolden existence Salvage life from predominantly harmful generalizations  Common consciousness has to be entangled to gain perspectives To comprehend … Continue reading For Clarity