For Clarity

Not everything can be spelled out for clarification

The ineffable thoughts seem to coalesce with consciousness

Only the silence in mind reverberates with ultimate clarity

It’s possible! A silence has not been interpreted completely

Minor jolts from the trespassing information awaken a mind

Entire Universe conspires to invade and embolden existence

Salvage life from predominantly harmful generalizations 

Common consciousness has to be entangled to gain perspectives

To comprehend philosophical interpretations of silence 

Only the truth illuminates life and it is within every spirit 

Do not collude with the escapists who prefer to flirt with life

Dangerous pursuits along the fringes of life is an aberration

Nurturing the corrupt ideas lead to harsh debates

Sabotaging peace and silence will only distract the mind

Fools will enjoy the instant gratification and interfere with life

Existence demands clarity as we have traveled this far 

Gloom of confusion has been the constant burden while journeying©


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