Of Thoughts

Paranoia makes the mind an inhospitable place. Even when positive thoughts would like to arrive, they are treated with contempt and ultimately shoved aside to the deepest and darkest corner of the mind.

Creating a puzzle with pieces of negativity allows the mind to try various combinations and avenues to engage in a dialogue; where, a position of disadvantage, is reflected with passionate urgency; sometimes, that’s a ploy to tilt a discussion in the favour of a paranoid perception.

Thoughts passing through this complex prism are intensified with the tumultuous particles to invigorate a paradoxical nature of thought process. The persistent phase of paranoia establishes the world of possibilities with numerous improbabilities, thus, creating a state of deep anxiety, which unknowingly contributes in creating an impasse.

It starts with an implicit demand to be attentive to these thoughts which are considered legitimate, usually transforms into vehement outbursts to resuscitate aberrant thoughts continuously to enmesh life into a cycle of misery.

18 thoughts on “Of Thoughts

  1. Light and dark co-exist.. surfacing from our downfalls gives way to light, recognizing the spiral before it takes hold comes from concerted recognition and effort…
    excellent write my friend.. reading your writings always brings me to a place of depth.. thank you

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    1. Thank you so much.

      Yes, I agree light and darkness are like the ebb and flow. Phases sometimes our own making and other times affectations and behaviour of people we are surrounded with. Being in a social setting one has to face this. But, we have a choice to extricate ourselves from these phases and add light to darkness and wish for a harmonious co-existence where darkness is not given a negative connotation but given the status of deep tranquility and a time to introspect.

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