Beyond the Images

I rarely analyze the photographs and their origin, 

Glared upon by the photographic eye, to evoke the desired pose

Rapt attention at the thought of an expected image already dreamt

Life freezes for a moment and flashes of light strike with precise intensity

Seized moments, when a mere device is manipulated to deliver the images

Even protagonists are not aware of the true feelings, after psychological euphoria

Many images find their way to reality we created, abandoning the souls

But look into the eyes, when the flashes of light could not wash away the truth

Unaware souls in the images give away their sense of vulnerability

A device can be so overpowering and strip the essence of life in a moment

Many dreams and desires are seized by the mechanical stimulation of minds

If you love the protagonist, engage in a conversation before photography

Memories will be made of truth and wilful desires that reflect in the eyes

Images of beautiful conversations and love bridge the gap between souls

In a flawed reality, these images and moments will be relevant for eternity

Keep the device aside, mechanical dreams will not yield any pleasure©

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