Subtle Demarcations

We aspire to trespass the subtle demarcations

Etched over the canvas of life as cloned motifs

Transgressions elevated to a notion of adventure

Running away to prove superiority over own ilk

Crowding over the myriad definitions of existence

Trying to usurp an imaginary position of hegemony

In hordes, the consciousness deviates from life

Many stories have been woven with fabrications

The inferences from them reflect weaknesses

Thin lines of divides are formidable boundaries

Debates of doubts with thinly veiled mistrust

Patterns of jeopardy are drawn with consent

Sycophants are rewarded with ornate chairs

There’s nothing envious about the obsessions

Mediocrity is always vociferous in the limelight

Even transparent glass walls are durable

That is where the obsequious drama unfolds

A spectacle for the world to join the celebration

Time is near, a drop of wisdom will inundate

Life needs to be salvaged from the predicament

Draw a plan with clarity to accommodate a future©

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