Surviving Thoughts

The spirits of thoughts are conveyed by words. It becomes an arduous task to choose them and do utmost justice to the sentiments to keep alive the flame of that spirit.

After the death of a thought, the spirit continues to survive through the transience and every day branches out to different trajectories when minds from a different world of existence wish to communicate or debate.

To survive the onslaught of different perspectives and meaning attributed to the original essence and ensure the least damage to the structural identity, words must be chosen with care to survive any challenge, without losing relevance in any age.

In literature, the death of a thought allows the mind to explore uncharted territories to seek inspiration for further storytelling to present new thoughts.

It’s not about the ‘I’ and ‘You’; it’s about a relation of the ‘Self’ with the entire ecosystem, without which we lose relevance. There can be no existence of ‘I’ if there is no mention of the powerful reason to exist.

Psychoanalysis of thoughts are important, and they must be undertaken after taking into consideration the present context of life, rather than alluding to old theories which were relevant in a controlled environment.

It is important to free the mind and allow thoughts to visit without holding on to the reins of postulations; to further develop them and expand the premises of consciousness. Words are important and each logical debate awakens the thoughts, in a way allowing time travel with every conversation.

6 thoughts on “Surviving Thoughts

    1. Yes, that’s one aspect, words can be chosen at random to mask the true essence of a thought or manipulate. This is where a writer has to seek deeper and stay true to the thoughts and deliver the truth which will remain relevant and survive the onslaught of mediocrity.

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    1. True, it’s never easy to make a choice when there are so many distractions. But it can be achieved. This piece delves deeper into the mind and reflects the possibilities in the right direction.

      Glad, you liked this write.

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