Writing, a Journey

When words drown in noise, feelings are submerged forever

Becomes a gruelling journey for expressions through dissonance

Unnecessary thoughts gyrating in the hollow world of absurdity

Ink is adulterated while conniving with the convoluted thoughts

Warped logic drives the pen to revolt against a pure elucidation 

Consciousness that has surrendered to counter-intuitive philosophies

Expose the truth and save words from agony of constant embezzlement

Retain the purity of feelings and words will be willing to flow

Writing in peaceful environment and tranquillity is a blissful experience

The adventure of exploring an unknown chapter of life is a revelation

With the rhythm of creativity let the words and feelings become eternal©


6 thoughts on “Writing, a Journey

  1. Yes- this is so good, Amitav. I always feel limited by words. I feel like the articulation of thoughts is such a daunting task, especially when it’ s a thought that you feel the urge to share. For example, right now I’m trying to describe how much what you just wrote resonates with me, but I am worried that using simple, overused, cliches will obscure the true appreciation I have for what was said. Thank you for always finding the minute details of life, that most people can skim by without a passing glance, and bringing them to the surface for discussion. Blessings

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    1. Thank you so much, Marie. You know what you have said it in a most beautiful way. It’s not the cliches or words, but the way you use them wrapped in true feelings. You comprehend a writing and its essence really well. While I read your latest post twice, I was just short of words to express anything. It left me with many thoughts, which will take some time to think over.
      I feel writing helps me to express the thoughts without the distractions, which never occurred to me in a day, it’s a continuous journey and I struggle every day; that’s a good thing- doubts and the feeling of searching for more, when the heart feels that there’s something which I need to know and that means a surrender to the unknown. From there, a point of no return and one can only go further in seeking the truth.
      Always appreciate your comments, I don’t know if I could reply in an appropriate way though. 🙂

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      1. Amitav, I so appreciate you. I appreciate your honesty. I also understand what you are saying completely. I look forward to hearing your wisdom and insights always. If at any point you feel like discussing, even from a opposing standpoint, I am always open. I treasure knowledge and thoughtfulness and you are evidently full of it. And yes- you are so right! The desire to learn more and never settle is crucial. Life is not defined by existing, but living, and purpose. Even after this assuredness, I will not stop seeking truth, which I confidently believe will continue to point in the same direction. Thank you very, very much for the thoughtful and honest response. Also- thank you for taking the time to read that post. I know there are some hefty statements, and I was hesitant to post, but I knew in my soul that that was what I was led to do. Last thing- Your writing mesmerizes me and always helps spark new aspects of life to contemplate upon. I wish there were more people who interpreted the world through a philosophical lens as you do. I am thankful for this conversation and dialogue always!

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      2. Thank you so much, Marie. To hold a philosophical discussion, we need to keep and open mind and allow meaningful exchange of ideologies which can help choose the best from both sides and arrange them in a more conscious way to bring forth a new idea which can change or alter the course of thinking to a next level.
        Settling the mind at one place and to become repetitive is a punishment for the mind, which seeks to wander and why not let it free to breach the current premises to seek (mere curiosity is not enough here).
        This world is not short of philosophical minds, and gradually we will connect to discuss more ideas and try to make a difference in a positive way. I guess, it’s just a mater of walking with conviction and showing solidarity with similar minds. Allow opposing thoughts to interact. Not always there will be a conclusion but there will emerge a path towards the right direction; trusting the absoluteness of existence and Universe’s ways will guide the soul.

        Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and trust me, this discussion and also the ones I had with you before opens up the mind for further discussions and interactions. These exchange of ideas, I am always thankful for.

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      3. I agree with every single thing. Thank you for taking the time to respond so thoughtfully. It is so important to be able to be challenged and at the same time respected, and I know that is the type of conversation we have. I look forward to future conversation as well. Have a wonderful week, friend. I look forward to your writings each day!

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