Fictional Reality

Artificiality of intelligence is being simulated with deeper conviction

Reality once derived at based on too much information and little interpretations

Somehow, the instinct to create a make-believe world presenting a weak substitute

Euphoria generated to synthesize every ounce of consciousness to fulfill wishes

Desires run deep while creating indelible furrows of dissatisfaction across the skin

Life is parodied and thrown in front of the spotlight to create a new genre of thoughts

Power is an emphasis to create a symbolic identity to add facades to weaknesses

Creating fictional societies to validate the idea of conformity and pledge acceptance

Flirting with relationships to obliterate the true essence and substitute with symbolism

It is difficult creating an identity when so much unconscious definitions are applied

It’s the primitive fears that still lingers in the subliminal world of common consciousness

Virtual reality is considered an escape but it cannot alleviate the turbulence that prevails©

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