Forgotten Gift

A gift is always received with enthusiasm Opened with gusto, hoping for euphoric moments No one is chastised for not showing little patience Every soul seeks a surprise; life is a gift too Not many wish to open the valuable offering with love Forgotten with time, there is a hurried timetable Life is tailored according to the square boxes Recesses are forced upon to enjoy … Continue reading Forgotten Gift


Laughter need not be a farfetched dream Only a faint smile is not enough to mask displeasure Write an epitaph! Optimistic sentiments will rebel Breach the domain of scoundrels to reclaim happiness Not just stare at life’s distorted reflections It’s time to experience the reality and true essence Dare to dream of an unrestrained laughter Freedom from the fiefdom of unscrupulous ideas© Continue reading Laughter

Hopeful Night

Night crafted a fascinating piece of artwork Abstract ideas are illustrated in intricate detail Fine engravings etched out by the intense silver rays It is a clandestine retreat to deceive sleep Embellished with most exquisite nature’s artistry Soft grasses will provide the comfort of bed Wilderness is the mirror to reflect Divine light Spend time away from the time-worn feelings  Night’s brightest stars will restore the … Continue reading Hopeful Night