Forgotten Gift

A gift is always received with enthusiasm

Opened with gusto, hoping for euphoric moments

No one is chastised for not showing little patience

Every soul seeks a surprise; life is a gift too

Not many wish to open the valuable offering with love

Forgotten with time, there is a hurried timetable

Life is tailored according to the square boxes

Recesses are forced upon to enjoy at command

Life becomes a scripted play, eventually becoming a drama

Dialogues are composed with enough clichés

Forgotten gift is unknowingly shoved aside and forgotten

Burying the true essence in one of the lost labyrinths

Whereas, there is a rapid progression towards confusion

Insipid worldly gifts exchanged with ulterior motives

Materialistic pleasures titillate the senses

Gifts are opened in a hurry for instant gratification

Conscious promiscuity forces the mind to focus elsewhere

Life is buried under heaps of gifts, a weighted affair

Encouraged to ravage the peacefulness of life

Any nonsense is accepted as a gift, only to engage briefly

Blank pages filled with resentment and predicament

Instead of looking within for the real gift of life

Played in a loop is the repetitive saga of dissatisfaction 

Forgotten gift remains unopened, a lost opportunity©


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      1. My pleasure 😊 I just didn’t have as much time in WP lately but your work is always amazing and thought-provoking. I probably missed some awesome ones. Will catch up soon.

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