There is fear of solitude and peace

Stealthily walking away from a soul’s reprimand

Holding on to fleeting hours and stretching it thin

Trying to salvage some pride under flimsy layers of time

Enjoying the moments of vociferous bliss

Engage somehow, there is an escape route sought

Trust is an abuse, for it can be craftily altered

To a more suitable exciting definition of debauchery

Narrations are weak and held together with mistrust

Agreements soon turn into denials

There are ubiquitous withdrawal symptoms from life

Purity and clarity of life are seen as challenges

Solitariness will seek uncomfortable answers

 Aggression gives birth to many unfair critics

Every day, some new distractions are birthed for recreation

It’s a foreplay with inner desires that continues

Arousing the hellish sentiments throughout the body

Only to fool the mind for moments of bravado

Hastening through the rigmarole with smiling faces

Trying to mask the failures of existence

Trying to capture some parallel dreams of invisible world

Seeds germinate into weaklings walking the frail sphere

This time, it’s not the original orb, but an illusion

Caught in a bubble designed to asphyxiate life©


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