Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

Thoughts are the building block of society. ~ Amitav

There has always been a callous attitude towards philosophical discourse and critical analysis of life. Due to ambivalence towards such knowledge they have always been either looked at with disdain or overlooked with a passive aggressive behaviour. Philosophical discussions are considered mundane while weak residual knowledge is encouraged.

Highlighting the weaknesses and challenging prejudices has always been uncomfortable for those who have the desire to change but not necessarily looking forward to a ‘real change’; the attitude of neglect towards the ‘Self’ turns into a behavioural trait.

‘Surrendering to a situation and looking for sympathy in the guise of pseudo-intellectual manipulations’ is a challenge for those philosophical minds working to seek a meaningful definition of life.

When a lot of unverified information is supplied continuously to build a foundation for propagating knowledge, it characterises a farcical situation. Caught between this paradoxical situation, it becomes a relentless effort to educate with restricted interpretations.

Looking to be in a crowd is comfortable as there is a sense of acceptance. Social beings we are, but in the process, we are losing our identity faster than we can imagine. We accept many changes with time but the regressive thoughts are still deeply ingrained in the psyche.

Time is wasted in interpreting and propagating negative feelings; promoting the common perception that life with wisdom and informed choices is the prerogative of few. Many intellectuals and their theories of wisdom have been rejected as outright lunacy.

With our mindset, we have managed to progressively hurl ourselves into utter chaos and there is significant incongruence in the society, which is demoralising the essence of life. Obliterating the foundation of life will further encourage confusion.

Meaningful communications are becoming rare due to the systemic indoctrination of minds to quietly conform. The current quality of literature being written reflects the intellectual disintegration.
Increasing psychological obsessive anomalies are becoming a common cause of aberrant behaviour , thus restricting the intellectual debates to arrive at a logical and amiable conclusion.

The intellectual industry is manufacturing nonsense in sizeable amounts.

Society is showing serious inclination to read and imbibe those frivolous ideas. There is always a deep sense of resentment and suppressed aggression that is causing a major shift from a thoughtful expression of life and experiences to pessimistic discourses. Advocating the fallacies to push away real knowledge erodes common sense.

Widespread apathy towards life and willing participation in convoluted thoughts weaken the minds and create an unstable environment in society. Irrational behaviour is gaining popularity and there is a propensity to promote mediocrity in any field of study.

Ideas are being sold, and there are eager but confused minds that are choosing to actively engage and contribute to those flawed ideologies; thanks to coercive methods of media manipulation. No wonder life has become exhausting and there is a sense of lethargy. Lethargic minds can be waylaid and restricted within a premise of controlled thinking.

Stunted thoughts will seek to be on the stilts of flawed arguments.

Even before youth has the opportunity to consolidate life and the values, they get distracted with self-destructive thoughts. They are looking to join the mainstream flow of life with a turbulent mind, thus, furthering social disruption.

Energy is wasted on unhealthy pursuits, mistaken priorities, and uninformed choices. Society can utilise this raw energy to build a vibrant society with sustainable development within an ecosystem of positive energy.

Education should be about knowledge and not just degrees. Its failure is evident from the abominable state of socio-political and socio-economic conditions that are contributing to divisive ideologies.

Living in denial is a choice. 

The Brain is the most powerful gift; unfortunately, it is also vulnerable when we do not comprehend the potential. This is the dichotomy which is played upon to create a system to infuse conflicting ideas of extreme opposites that can trigger periodic phases of unhealthy doubt about oneself.

An ambiguous turmoil can be used effectively to stop an individual from realising the true potential of existence. Mass hysteria created around the reason of existence and the theories being fed continuously are jeopardising the concentration that is required to evolve as an individual.

Any psychological study undertaken after premature comprehension of the mind and its relation to existence is contributing to the chaos. Misinterpretations are rampant as there have various degrees of diversions from the core concepts and knowledge.

An ambiguous turmoil can be used effectively to stop an individual from realising the true potential of existence. Mass hysteria created around the reason of existence, and the theories being fed continuously are jeopardising the concentration that is required to evolve as an individual. Weakening social fabric will further create an environment of doubt among fellow travellers.

You are merely looking at life’s reflection that is being projected to you, without experiencing it in reality. 

8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

  1. I feel like I could dissect each paragraph individually from what you just said- it is bursting with insight. I agree- we accept what we are told so quickly without question, but as a society we are falling further and further into the ignorance and less of the bliss. How can we truly live in bliss if we are living with a false sense of self (arrogance), a false love for others (superficial relationships), and a false pursuit of identity (through artificial means)? The resolution, which I think is more of a process than a resolution, is opening up with the hard conversations, taking a stand for the important things, and not being afraid to smudge the societal boundaries to make a claim of truth. Blessings to you, friend.

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    1. Maire, these are reflections which I have gathered from my observations and learning from life.

      As I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, that there is less interest in such philosophical discourse is proved right.

      No interest, lack of interest, or even apathy over common sense. (well, let’s leave that aside)

      I will always thank you for coming with your thoughts when I write these articles and I could not agree more when you say “taking a stand for the important things, and not being afraid to smudge the societal boundaries to make a claim of truth”.

      I would go further to say that the boundaries we have set are often not legitimate and they are mostly set for convenience of few to cause turmoil in the lives of many.

      How conveniently we manipulate situations and relationships suffer. If not this unseen bond is strengthened, how else can we move ahead with trust to create a better now and progressive future.

      You just take these debates one step ahead, which I always welcome. Blessings to you.

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      1. Maybe that is truly where we have gone wrong- that these “boundaries” should not be there at all. They are simply illusions and it is up to those who see that they are to do something about it. I so appreciate these conversations, they always give me a great deal to think about and inspire me to view life from many different perspectives. Truly appreciated, Amitav! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend

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      2. Well said, I guess boundaries will be there until we have individual responsibility and that can come with self-realization and the ability to criticize constructive the self first and then set an example how to live a live with true freedom and make a difference. That’s a philosophy I take seriously.

        Wish you a wonderful weekend, Marie. Looking forward to more such conversations. 🙂

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  2. Thank you! I enjoy your intelligent and sensible reflexions. Your words are literally mind expanding. It is time for humanity to go to the next level. There is only one race, the human race and only one nation, our Mother Earth. It is time for us to awaken and create together a global spiritual democracy. It is time to bring science and spirituality together. It is time realize and embrace our individual and collective potential. We can be at the leading Edge, as visionary people, in service for the whole of Creation. Our Self is not limited to a physical body. Our Self is one with All-That-Is, infinite and all-embracing. Humanity will only come to maturity, if we realize this as inner experience, not as theory or religious belief-system. This can be useful, but we need experience.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

      I think philosophy is as old as human history. Existence is always based on some philosophy (good/bad, or right/wrong) depending on the most convincing debates after reflecting on the essential relevance of the time and age of society. I understand that there are no absolute right or wrong, but if we engage deeply in a conversation and stop living in denial (which we have, always, because history gives a fair reflection on this) which we continue to do because we want to or are forced to conform.

      Visionaries, philosophers, seers, and mystics, you can call them by any name who possess consciousness of the metaphysical, have written texts or even addressed society, but response to those theories have been minimal. They are being used for scholarly purpose and not to imbibe them to make society progressive.

      Modern humanity, if I can approximately put it has been around for may be over 10,000 years, although that claim can be debated, is yet to embrace the philosophical thoughts that are available. Free thinking with progressive thoughts is essential.

      The crux of the problem is the attitude and propensity of mass consciousness to be swayed by nonsense.

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  3. Yes, yes, and yes. There is so much I want to say. I think that what resonated with me in particular was the line, “Philosophical discussions are considered mundane while weak residual knowledge is encouraged.” I have been frustrated for so long about this in particular, but never knew how to vocalize it. In relationships, I can get so frustrated with just simple conversation that never goes beyond the surface, but yet the matters I want to talk about- philosophy, religion, existential existence- can be essentially snuffed at. I don’t get why there is such a resistance in society to living in a true sense of reality. I speculate that it is a subconscious defense mechanism, a fear of what they will find, or on the other side of the token, not find. I think sometimes the “just trying to get by” mindset leaves little room for deep thought when your aim each day is to get food on the table and relax for five minutes before going to sleep and starting the cycle again. And yet- these questions are the most important ones we could deal with. I think if everyone were more willing to discuss matters as these, we not only would probably grow deeper in relationship with each other but provoke a life of more meaningful insight and depth. As always- I so appreciate you sparking this thought and conversation.

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    1. Marie, you are a gem. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, always a pleasure talking to you. This is an important statement that you made, “I speculate that it is a subconscious defense mechanism, a fear of what they will find, or on the other side of the token, not find.”

      I feel, why this adage, ‘ignorance is bliss’ is propagated and became a catchphrase. Aren’t we choosing to be ignorant to hide our weaknesses and not even trying to improve on them or rectify. Why are we so indifferent towards relationships once the initial euphoria of pursuing someone, ends. If we really respect someone or love them, we would want to know each other more; which is possible with conversation/communication, with the intention to listen and not just come up with a reply (which is so often the case to put down any effort to engage meaningfully).

      We adapt to so many wrong/ faulty notions of life and consider them to be sacrosanct as they have been ingrained in the minds. There is an increasing sense of arrogance, jealousy arising from a deep sense of inadequacy, in society today.

      Instead of blaming society and the present predicament we need to do some soul-searching to contribute as we make an effort to change positively. Informed choices and intellectual dialogues, the only way ahead. Aesthetics of meaningful conversation is losing its relevance.

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