Objectives of Words

When you treat ‘Words’ as objects, you fail to comprehend the meaning (s) they carry. The inertness of perception popularizes ‘Imitation’ of the most prevalent notions of that time. Unfortunately, literature has to face such adverse situations when there is a lack of fair understanding and hesitant behavior towards knowledge and creativity. The quality of literature is a reflection of society.  ~Amitav Continue reading Objectives of Words

The Experiences

Who speaks of mere experiences through worldliness Tweaked to confer a definition to life Nothing, but living according to the frail perceptions Life’s discourse have been afflicted with contradictions Retrospectives of those experiences are on display Language has been manipulated Stubborn philosophies that have been thrust upon life Delirium, how often, repetition of prejudices Life has been betrayed with the superficial thoughts Lack of resilience … Continue reading The Experiences

From Monologues

Monologues are birthed from tedious dialogues with the Self Arguments of the most vicious type tempered by intellectual passion One looking for a heritage that can be irresistible to the mind Wishing to impress the Guardian and be a privileged heir Transcendental worlds are not impressed by language alone It’s these dialogues in the mind that awakens the subliminal world A passage, with a glimmer of … Continue reading From Monologues


Photographs of reality are concealed in vaults of eternity We have been powerless to comprehend the proofs of Universe It is a paradoxical situation as our explanations are inadequate From the mythical times and written discourses through ages Multitude of interpretations even after numerous sessions of reading Duplicating them continuously to add to layers of concentric rings Where consciousness is trapped and encircled by banality … Continue reading Limitations