The Experiences

Who speaks of mere experiences through worldliness

Tweaked to confer a definition to life

Nothing, but living according to the frail perceptions

Life’s discourse have been afflicted with contradictions

Retrospectives of those experiences are on display

Language has been manipulated

Stubborn philosophies that have been thrust upon life

Delirium, how often, repetition of prejudices

Life has been betrayed with the superficial thoughts

Lack of resilience and willingness to seek

Pontifications are galore for those who are hypnotized

Fascinated with false imageries leading to dissatisfaction

Convoluted narratives will always have acceptance

There is no remedy for stubborn and lackadaisical attitude

Experiences without conviction to prove bravado isn’t enough

When there is no depth and abundance of emotions©


7 thoughts on “The Experiences

    1. Thank you so much.

      I love the way you decipher my poems. Agree with you, it’s a fate that we choose and we become prone to destructive thoughts. Blaming others is an escape as we fear change and accept the truth. As you rightly said, ‘The panacea is rising above n thinking beyond…’

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    1. That’s because human race failed to comprehend reality of life and tries to justify and squabble about ‘my reality’ and ‘your reality’. Life is the ‘Reality’! But we chose to create an ambiguous parallel world.

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