Journey will Prevail

The journey cannot be beautiful enough

When eyes hold a stereotyped vision of the world

Escaping to new landscapes is a tiring experience

Destinations will provide superficial relief

Because dogmas are ingrained in every particle

Exceptional will and perception can usher change

Creation is a masterpiece with eternal artistry

There is wisdom everywhere but eyes fail to see

Only a pure vision can experience the brilliance

Many adventurers are prone to egotistic pursuits

A mind that comprehends deeper consciousness

Wisdom to kindle the flame of omniscient energy

Eternity it is and continuity of life will prevail©

11 thoughts on “Journey will Prevail

      1. More of beliefs… so here in this line if you get into the philosophy of existence, life is made of energy and particle are the building blocks (which carries memory) so, when there is continuity we tend to do things and act without comprehending but out of practice.


      2. If you relate it to the Five elements of Nature (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether) it will be more relevant.

        Vocabulary, Yeah lot of my readers have told me that. It just comes with writing. 🙂


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