Splendid Moments

Fragments of thoughts are swept off by the winds

Grinding them against each other to fine granular particles

From confines of the mind now being scattered through wilderness

What happens to them when they are minuscule and freely wandering

Do they remain thoughts? Or, seeds that will reach some fertile mind

Waiting to nurture them and allow them to germinate 

Thoughts are never uprooted but always finds suitable landscape 

Agile minds will seek the seeds of thoughts and awaken paradise

Intriguing, the ecosystem of microscopic existence and their contribution

A network of information shared through vibrant wavelengths

Delving deeper after obliterating the ostentatious world of information

Away from the twisted world of feigned ideas there is freedom to seek

A microscopic view helps to open the vaults of eternal knowledge

Splendid moments of revelation when amplified by the Universe©


6 thoughts on “Splendid Moments

  1. Splendid poem..thoughts are indeed never uprooted.
    I have become a great fan of your vocabulary Amitav and the best part is that each word is fixed perfectly at the right place giving a perfect meaning.

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