The True Spirit

It’s amazing the spirit of Life can reflect a calm demeanor in the face of daily trials that are usually picked up from the daily schedules. We are leaving footprints and also treading on numerous anonymous ones in this daily travel.

Shadows of nature are retreating at a fast pace and there isn’t any favorable space available to sit down and reminisce. We do not have the luxury of listening to the comforting murmurs and whisperings of the boughs. There is a sentiment of melancholy in the winds and even the birds and landscapes look dreary.

Life’s spirit and the human spirit were supposed to be in a blissful union. Somewhere there has been a miscommunication and the human spirit wished to carve a different path; a replica from a faint reflection picked up casually by the eyes.

Gradually, we began to dream, independent of the true nature of life and here we are at this present moment with so many creations to keep us busy, or rather, distracted.

What do we recollect from the storytelling? The numerous amounts of profound philosophical texts were conceived by the most brilliant minds to have communicated with life.

The letters look ragged and neglected; being dismissed as antiquated thoughts, they are breathing the putrid air of some grand library, where sunlight and fresh air of yesteryear leaves a faint hope.

Each canvas of cellulose fibre hold the thoughts in high esteem as there’s an eternal bond woven with the author’s spirit and the sentiments of ancient times.

We have the concrete ambitions and stifling dreams to forcefully take us to the precipice of a world we have carved out for ourselves. This world is void and has a missing heart.

Sentiments and feelings do not resonate from the deadened core of oblivion. Yet, we try to leave footprints and wish to trample on some to move ahead. Frayed nerves do not allow calmness to reside in the body for too long.

What keeps the human soul busy? There isn’t much space to communicate the true feelings but memories embedded from the Universe create a hostage moment. The mind and body are engaged in excessive denial to bury the alien feelings.

Being a fugitive with anticipated realities! The tired feet wants to be homeward bound but reckless thoughts and meandering labyrinths treat us as lost wanderers. We are here and there, but the heart echoes the truth, “The only fate is to live and adapt to the world of nowhere and live with ambiguity”.

If you want to unite with the true spirit of life you will be embraced with love. Promise to maintain the calm demeanor.

11 thoughts on “The True Spirit

  1. “Life’s spirit and the human spirit were supposed to be in a blissful union. Somewhere there has been a miscommunication and the human spirit wished to carve a different path”

    A good beginning for a epic book 🙂

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