Eyes hold the ocean Mysterious depths of emotions Every drop of realization Shelter a feeling Miniature world Glimpses of ingenuity A masterpiece To welcome reality Infiniteness of an Ocean And the depths of heart Profound Hold those pure tears Feel the world awaken Look further Beyond you  Eyes meet eternity Feel the blessings Of every drop Ocean of life© Continue reading Eyes

Pursuing Happiness

Why pursue happiness that comes at a cost? An exorbitant sacrifice to acquire a piece of happiness In exchange of the original wealth of wisdom Refurbish the mind with worldly affluence A piece of happiness! Designed, embellished, delivered Sparkles like the priceless cosmic stars Short-lived moments to accommodate everyone  Blissful way of life altered by wealthy possession Seeking happiness to pervade through life When the precious … Continue reading Pursuing Happiness

Hymn of Life

Deeply rooted, entwined with the expansive ecosystem It gets the strength to stand upright and reach for the skies Even when darkness engulfs the boughs and leaves go to slumber At eventide, there is this greater significance to introspect in solitude Communicate with the roots to prevail through uncertain times Underground is invaded by profound travelers to seek knowledge Splitting the ground and fracturing rocks, paving … Continue reading Hymn of Life