Hymn of Life

Deeply rooted, entwined with the expansive ecosystem

It gets the strength to stand upright and reach for the skies

Even when darkness engulfs the boughs and leaves go to slumber

At eventide, there is this greater significance to introspect in solitude

Communicate with the roots to prevail through uncertain times

Underground is invaded by profound travelers to seek knowledge

Splitting the ground and fracturing rocks, paving way through deep terrains

Branches are sure of comprehending the dark, firmly rooted confidence

Whispering leaves and swaying branches engage in conversation

In profound meditation, it stands taller, kissing the night sky

Faint hymn of life plays across the landscape, reverberation of truth©

7 thoughts on “Hymn of Life

  1. “Faint hymn of life plays across the landscape, reverberation of truth”
    It has been a while since I heard the hymn of life. Thank you Amitav for the wonderful and inspiring words. Although it is cold and wet where I live, it is always worth to go outside for a walk and listen to the gentle whispering of nature.

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    1. Thank you so much, Carmen.

      The hymn of life is within us, as we are manifestation of this Universe and we can evoke nature’s divine hymn right where we are. We need to focus within and you will feel the entire existence awakening. Stillness can lead to many eternal wanderings.


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