Through Narrow Spaces

It’s laborious to carry forward wisdom through constricted spaces

There are numerous alleys with insufficient freedom and gloomy appearance

They have this covert agreement to design a complex matrix to mislead travelers

Without an idea of the concept of Time and comprehension of Space

Loud minds yell with conviction with much fanfare to obliterate the grim realities

Every cell detests the sizzling jamboree where empty crucibles are filled with ideas

Information is auctioned to the highest bidder and indiscreetly celebrates a raffle mania

Trying to unearth evidences to find the right pieces for an imaginary puzzle

With ulterior motive, everyone contributes, hoping for a bounty with insatiable desires

Gloominess of eternity will pervade the narrow spaces clogged with nefarious ideas

The art of etiquette is forgotten, and with extreme loudness deliver rhetorical discourses

Following the herd as if intoxicated by the dreams that have been woven deliberately

It’s hilarious to witness the audacious behavior expected from delusional minds

Wisdom will always struggle to make space through the narrow spaces©

4 thoughts on “Through Narrow Spaces

  1. The Cave (Plato) is the legendary writing but I have one more (closer to home) version which is set up like a riddle…”How many addicts does it take to change a lightbulb?”
    …………….ZERO because we are so afraid of change we would RATHER sit in the DARK..

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    1. Wow, you mention Plato. Something not seen cannot be realized. Darkness has different connotation, based on experiences and consciousness. For me darkness could be tranquility and a dimension of light that has different wavelength; whereas, darkness can be seen as a challenge, lack of light, challenge and melancholy (negative connotations). True, wherever the consciousness leads and the intense conversation we have with life forms our perception and the kind of reality we believe.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective on this writing.

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