Dwindling light and advancing darkness

It’s time to choose- this way or a path that seems elusive

Eyes take time to adjust at this juncture

Difficult to focus beyond a point

Confabulations create a contrary image

Fingers point, but paths seem to bifurcate

Life smells different, a mysteriously lingering aroma

Hopeful for the greenery and abundance

Is it too much to ask?

Confines of unrealistic dreams are to be pushed away

Holding hands with darkness is a choice

Time to walk on the chosen path©


9 thoughts on “Decision

    1. Depends on the perspectives and consciousness. How informed we are and whether we consider life to be our intrinsic part of existence. Life, not only the materialistic pursuits or our consumerism mindsets.
      It is easy when we analyze life.

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      1. Yeah. You’re right.
        But when an individual is completely driven by heart these things are a bit tough for them.


      2. Our problem arises and is created from taking things as they are. We consider the brain and heart to be mere functioning and pulsating organs to achieve some goals in life. No wonder we do not even use them to their full capacity because we limit ourselves at the onset. Life is simple but not too simplistic either. This is the paradox we are caught in. Life is only the experience and not existence as we have come to determine; superficiality is what restricts us.

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