Direction and Purpose

Roads do not lead to destinations anymore Interferes with journey as they abruptly cut across With the swash of a lethal sword severing the purpose Within, there’s the jangle- outside reality in a duel with resilient mind Paths of extreme delirium stumble upon each other  Winding, straight, neglected, and even the reclusive roads  Busy ones are abused and obey the fate even after being pulverized Pensive faces … Continue reading Direction and Purpose

The Pleasures of Life

“All pleasure is not pleasurable”, the eyes spoke a different language. A disparity between the dialogues within and facial expressions are pronounced. The heart takes a brief pause for a reason; although, not everyone is aware of this occurrence. It seeks a masterpiece composed by the eternal consciousness and a life embellished with true feelings. With patience, the eyes seek to adjust and sharpen the … Continue reading The Pleasures of Life