Direction and Purpose

Roads do not lead to destinations anymore

Interferes with journey as they abruptly cut across

With the swash of a lethal sword severing the purpose

Within, there’s the jangle- outside reality in a duel with resilient mind

Paths of extreme delirium stumble upon each other 

Winding, straight, neglected, and even the reclusive roads 

Busy ones are abused and obey the fate even after being pulverized

Pensive faces are not the real reflections of life

Just dazed expressions masked by modern ideologies 

Running around in extremely convoluted maze, there’s no escape

Shadows from artificial lights do not synchronize with the feelings

Vacuous talks and philosophies cannot conceal fragile emotions

Insolent desires paint life with dismal colors 

An exhausting journey, with the heart and mind in a pursuit

Reflections of a joyous life evaporated, it’s been a while

Cultures collide and shift the purpose to a different sphere

There’s no urgency to pursue the reality of life

When hate and jealousy spills over from dishonest hearts

To be alive and joyful with experiences of happiness

One has to wander through life and seek with conviction

Without hate and comparisons, life is a meaningful experience©

8 thoughts on “Direction and Purpose

  1. Absolutely a delight to read Amitav, without hate n compassion.. life is a meaningful experience… so true! The bumps on road to find the elusive convictions so beautifully picked up ! May the light of wisdom n truth illuminate our lives in seeing the ray of divinity.. the direction n purpose ahead ! Love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much.

      That’s an enlightening comment. Yes, you are right when you say, “May the light of wisdom n truth illuminate our lives in seeing the ray of divinity”

      Humanity need to understand the ‘Universal Oneness’ and thus, the road to ultimate happiness will become a reality.

      Liked by 1 person

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