The Pleasures of Life

“All pleasure is not pleasurable”, the eyes spoke a different language. A disparity between the dialogues within and facial expressions are pronounced.

The heart takes a brief pause for a reason; although, not everyone is aware of this occurrence. It seeks a masterpiece composed by the eternal consciousness and a life embellished with true feelings. With patience, the eyes seek to adjust and sharpen the vision to experience life.

The heart is an ardent student, always seeking a meaningful conversation with the soul. The Legacy of ancient knowledge is a precious gift. It is unfortunate the heart is being coerced by instant perceptions. An urgency to embrace the busyness rushes in to commandeer life.

Sometimes, the eyes are forced to close and just for a few moment gives a glimpse of a world that is enraptured by unnecessary distractions.

Consciousness is contentment for the mind. It provides clarity and leads us to the portal to an unexplored dimension of life. The reality is being played with at will, creating alternate realities with a complicit distribution of information, while withholding the genesis of knowledge.

Inadvertently, instantly and hastily made choices are to satiate life for mere moments. A decision that can be a lifelong regret, with a plethora of toxic feelings to incapacitate the decision-making skills.

Emphasis has always been on the motion of acquiring everything, with or without a reason. Competitions are a farce to engage life in a race. Relationships can be the ‘sacrificial offering’ to ascend the pretentious social ladder.

The insensible frozen heart is not in a situation to feel or even revive the hibernating feelings which are buried for too long. Dialogues, associated with thinking to energize life with logic, philosophical understanding, and humor misses from the entire plan.

Eyes, the window, transforms into unsympathetic crevices, allowing only worldly realities. Slaves of evidence! A cunningly designed fate is thrust upon unassuming life. Yet, pleasure is sought and acquired for instant gratification.

9 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Life

  1. “Relationships can be the ‘sacrificial offering’ to ascend the pretentious social ladder.”
    Agreed. I cannot stand fake niceties when it is clear the other person is only in it to gain something for themselves. I get life is give and take, but the uncertainty of not knowing if someone is being real is anxiety-provoking.

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    1. The meaning of relationship and its foundation is trust and communication that is genuine. Uncertain relationships are a burden.

      When society comes up with flawed ideologies such as ‘Fake it till you make it’ we cannot deny how many hide behind such arrogant nonsense.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


      1. To be honest I haven’t yet checked them out.
        But philosophy is my favourite subject ❤
        I'll surely check out 🙂


  2. Ahhh “Pleasure” the pervasive distractor, trying to be replacer of the true contentment and fulfillment…
    comprehensive writing my friend… the heart, consciousness, external illusions….

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    1. Thank you so much.

      Here we have to understand what motivates pleasure. Pleasure itself is not a negative experience. Either we are strengthened by our experiences of pleasure/contentment or become weaker by it. This pleasure infused with egotism diminishes this beautiful experience and we take it as a competitive race. Hedonism is also an aspect of pleasure, but again what we indulge in and how content we are, without the regrets determines the outcome.

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      1. I really appreciate reading your explanations… what life experiences, revelations, teachers, guides, you must have to allow the flow of your understanding so clearly… thank you

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