Unsettling thoughts consume the mind  Begins with submission to follow or a choice to be alone Weaknesses rattle the constitution Sleight of minds permeates contemptuous sentiments Unjust beliefs weigh on minds  Death of consciousness wipes away the true purpose Betrayed feelings retreat to an oblivious space Emerges the lifecycle of repentance and melancholic feelings Tears do not have the force to wash away fears One … Continue reading Disregard

The Radiance

Simple abode, silence settles down here to rest Omniscient thinker knocks at the door Solitary soul welcomes the presence of reality Easy to relinquish every burden With clarity, the eyes gaze at eternity To comprehend the expansive Universe Amplified with the divine light Quite simply the abode is filled with contentment There is an awakening after embracing silence Light is the infinite dimension© Continue reading The Radiance