Through Photographs

It could be our inability to communicate the minutest details effectively that we want to convey experiences through photographs. Being suspicious of the consciousness due to our lack of understanding of complexities of a mind could be another reason we rely on photographs to present evidence.

In a continuously evolving environment, it is possible the interpretations of photographs will vary and even challenge our own perception(s). The angle, lighting, sentiment, and mood of the subject and environment contribute to the essence of a photograph.

We communicate through a powerful lens, distancing ourselves and filtering the inability to comprehensively describe the moment. At a different point in time, our consciousness shifts due to life’s experiences and can influence our interpretation.

In an eternal dimension, age does not play a major role but we let that factor weigh heavily on our growth and transformative process, thus limiting our consciousness. We fail to progress and reach the optimum level of conscious existence. 

As an art form, photography does communicate abstract ideas and we have developed this experience to convey a message(s) through a silent medium. It’s a fallacy to believe that photographs do not speak; sometimes the most profound feelings are conveyed through silence. The debate between our consciousness and a photograph will continue to be a subject of intense speculation. 

13 thoughts on “Through Photographs

  1. “It’s a fallacy to believe that photographs do not speak; sometimes the most profound feelings are conveyed through silence.”
    True. Even for those who can’t speak, they can still express themselves in other ways. Photography is kind of a digital art that is not drawn by our hand but captured by sight with heart & mind. From what I’ve learned in my photojournalism class: the purpose of taking photos can be the same but the motive can be different along with the interpretation of that particular photo. In the end, everyone has their own POV.

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    1. Absolutely. We all have a mental imagery which the mind tries to interpret from different aspects (also depends on the depth of consciousness). And it is also true our perceptions change as we allow our mind to explore life.


  2. Photos do speak to me, they bring things to the surface for me, memories and hopes. Through nature photos I make a link with human nature, pathways and purpose. I think we all see something different in photos depending on the triggers they give from our own experiences and understanding of the world. Great post, thank you : )

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    1. Well said. Agree, photographs and their philosophy can be interpreted from different perspectives. A particular photograph can trigger a different explanation depending on our present mood and sentiment.
      Consciousness is eternal and the journey an experience.


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