It’s impossible to read the thoughts in a crowd

Interfering wavelengths permeate to jeopardize consciousness

Seeking an individual identity through perception of others

Dichotomy creates an alternate reality, mirrored images

Unseen hands can manipulate with the angles to distort an image

Yearning to connect for validation of repeated thoughts

A single identity is separated to create multitude of personalities

Isolation in a crowd is inevitable, a reality of contradictions

Incompatible identities find it difficult to merge without conflict

Insecurity with the beliefs and prolonged gaze at the mirror

Soon alienates the real identity and cloaks life with illusion

Collection of thoughts entwined forever to constrict the mind

Now, can you define the self? Your real identity

Go back to sift through the possibilities and seek validation

Unsure, the learned process will be repeated often©


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